Creating With Intention

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Course Language: English
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Ann D'Angelo
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Creating With Intention

About this course

One of the four class projects (by Sal Scheibe)

We all agree that art days are the best days. Still better, however, are those art days when we fall in love with what we're making, when the colors and layers look rich and harmonious, when we feel successful, accomplished, and maybe even a little brilliant.

This online mixed media workshop is not about the latest, greatest sprays, powders, papers, or stamps. It's about having more of those incredibly great and gratifying art days. It's about developing a thoughtful, conscious artistic process that helps you make smart decisions so you can take equal joy in the journey and the results.

In this class, you'll learn to:

- Build custom focal points you don't want to stop looking at
- Create color palettes that unify your work and express your theme
- Create rich backgrounds
- Layer papers, stamps, stencils, and images in a controlled, coherent, visually exciting way
- Direct the eye exactly where you want it to go on your piece - and encourage it to linger longer
- Know when to stop so that you don't go one step too far and ruin your feeling of accomplishment

The class is led by two award-winning mixed media artists, Ann D'Angelo and Sal Scheibe. Course materials include 12 videos and a 50-page workbook, along with a workshop forum where you can post questions, comments, and works in progress. Sal and I will check in regularly and will be happy to provide feedback!

Get a taste of the content and instructor bios right here!   Creating with Intention - Free Preview

Beauty Pageant by Sal Scheibe (another class project!)

  • The class presents four major projects, with templates and photos so that you can create what you see here (or make your own!).
  • All workshop content will be downloadable, and the workshop will be available on the site for at least a year.
  • After purchase, you will receive an email with a download link to a PDF that includes the login information, supply list, and two bonus collage sheets put together by Ann and Sal!  Yay!

Inspirational mixed media class projects by Ann D'Angelo